How to find out the status of an order?

Go to Orders and select the desired order. You will see the current status, status change by date and track number. If there are several parcels with different delivery methods in one order, then each parcel will have its own track number.

Why is it not possible to cancel the order?

Most likely, four hours have passed since placing the order. If four hours have not passed yet, that means the seller has already processed the order.

Cancellation of the order becomes unavailable four hours after placing or after processing the order.

Order placed without registration

You can cancel the order or find out the delivery status, even if you have not registered.

If you placed an order on the site, follow the link from the notification letter to gain access to your order.

What guarantees does the service provide?

We will help solve problems or refund if:

  • The parcel did not arrive at the post office or at the pick-up point within 60 days after placing the order and you did not pick up the parcel later;
  • Parcel is not delivered by courier within 45 days after placing the order;
  • The item came incomplete;
  • The item is damaged or not working;
  • Appearance of the item does not match the description;

To report a problem, send a request from the contact page.

How to report a problem?

  1. Go to contact form and fill it out;
  2. Take a picture of the item or shoot a video;
  3. Describe the problem and submit a request;

    You will receive a notification following the consideration of the application.

    Why is the application rejected?

    An application may be rejected if:

    • the item has mechanical damage due to the buyer’s fault;
    • the seller has provided the correct description of the goods, the quality of the goods and equipment are consistent with the description;
    • photos or videos attached to the application are of poor quality;
    • photos or videos are processed in a graphical image editor.

    How and when to deliver the order?

    The goods are delivered post, express or pick-up point. Timing and delivery options can be found in the item description.

    Maximum delivery time

    Most orders arrive on time, which is indicated in the item description.

    Sometimes an order may be delayed on the way, for example, due to customs inspection or postal checks. Maximum delivery time:

    – 60 days post or at pick-up point;

    – 45 days express delivery.

    If the order does not arrive within this period, we will refund the money.

    Receipt an order

    If you choose express delivery, you are asked to passport data (necessary to obtain an order). A representative of the courier service will contact you and agree on the date and time of arrival of a courier.

    How to change the delivery address?

    I want to change the delivery address of the order

    If the order has already been placed and paid, it will not work to change the delivery address. If you entered an incorrect address:

    1. Cancel the order with the wrong address;
    2. Place a new order.

    I want to change or delete the address in the profile

    1. Click Account and select your addresses;
    2. Click on an address to change it;
    3. Click Save Address.

    Terms and Conditions

    Problems with the goods

    If you have problems with the goods, you need to send a request from the contact page. We will help to solve the problem or refund money.

    The item did not like or did not fit

    If there is no problem with the items, but you want to return it, please let us know within 30 days after receiving the items.

    Note. You will have to pay for delivery of items to the seller.

    The goods can be returned if it has not been used, while the marketable condition and package was saved.

    How to return an item?

    The items has defects or incomplete set

    Send a request for a refund via the form if:

    • incomplete set;
    • the items are damaged or not working;
    • the appearance of the items does not match the description.

    The item without defects

    If everything is good with the item, it may still not suit you for various reasons, and you can return it.

    The need for return shipping and its payment depends on the reason for the refusal.

    The item does not match description

    For example, to order shoes, you measured the length of the foot and checked what size it was on the store grid. But the sneakers that were sent to you were still small.

    We compensate for return shipping.

    Wrong item

    If the wrong item came to you for more than €15 , we will ask you to send the item back and reimburse the shipping cost.

    No problems with the items

    If you change your mind or item you do not like, you can refund it within 30 days after receipt.

    You pay for the shipment to Austria yourself and you can choose the cheapest method with tracking the parcel. Save the check with the shipment details.

    Send your request for a refund via this form

    Note. You can only return items that have not been used in the original packaging and without damage.

    How to send a package

    Fill out the form below. Indicate:

    • order number;
    • name and quantity of goods;
    • reason for the return.

    In the response letter you will receive the address to which you want to send the goods.

    Send the goods by post or any delivery service. You can choose the cheapest method of sending with tracking the package by track number. Save the check with the shipment details.

    Tell us at [email protected] the order number and the parcel track number, attach a photo or a copy of the receipt.

    When and how to return the money?

    We will refund the money to the card with which you paid for the goods. Money will be received within 30 days after the seller confirms receipt of the goods. If the money is not received on time, please contact your bank.

    We will not be able to return money for the goods if:

    • You reported a refund late. You need to write within 30 days after receiving the goods;
    • You sent the item to the wrong address;
    • You did not send us the track number for the package or the track number is not available;
    • This item is included in the list of goods that can not be returned.

    What can not be returned?

    • Perfumes and cosmetics.
    • Personal hygiene items (e.g. toothbrushes, combs, hairpins, hair curlers, wigs, hairpieces).
    • Items for the prevention and treatment of diseases at home (sanitary and hygiene items made of metal, rubber, textile and other materials, medical instruments, devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, spectacle lenses, items for child care), medications.
    • Textile goods (cotton, linen, silk, woolen and synthetic fabrics, textile products from non-woven materials – for example, ribbons, braid, lace).
    • Non-periodical publications (books, brochures, albums, cartographic and musical publications, sheet works, calendars, as well as booklets, publications reproduced on technical media).
    • Cable goods (e.g. wires, cords, cables).
    • Building and decoration materials (for example, linoleum, film and carpet) and other goods sold per meter.
    • Sewing and knitwear (for example, underwear, stockings and socks).
    • Items made of polymeric materials in contact with food (utensils, cutlery and kitchen utensils, containers and packaging materials for storage and transportation of food products, including for single use).
    • Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.
    • Household furniture (furniture sets and sets).
    • Jewelry and other items made of precious metals and (or) precious stones, faceted precious stones.
    • Technically sophisticated household goods for which warranty periods are set (metal-cutting and woodworking household machines; household appliances and appliances; household electronic equipment; household computing and copying equipment; photo and film equipment; telephones and fax machines; electric musical instruments; electronic toys, household gas equipment and devices; wrist, pocket mechanical, electronic-mechanical and electronic watches).
    • Automobiles, motorcycle and bicycle goods, trailers and license plates for them.
    • Mobile means of small-scale mechanization of agricultural work.
    • Pleasure boats and other household craft.
    • Civilian weapons, parts of civilian and service firearms, cartridges;
    • Animals and plants.

      What payment methods does TATUSINKA accept?

      Accepted payment methods

      • Credit / Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Diners Club, Maestro, JCB, Discover)
      • Paypal

      Shop in all confidence at thanks to a maximal guarantee of online safety. is fully engaged in offering clients a safe shopping experience. Your credit card data is transmitted to our server in an encrypted SSL code (Secure Socket Layer). cannot see credit card information. No single person has access to this information, whether digitally, printed or otherwise.

      I paid with a credit card, and my card was declined. What happened?

      If your Credit Card has been declined, it could be for a number of reasons:

      • You mistyped your number;
      • You have mistyped the expiration date or the security code (CVV);
      • The name and address does not match the address your bank has on file for you;
      • Your bank has refused the payment for security reasons;
      • There are not enough funds in your account to cover the payment.

      Please contact your credit card provider or bank for more detailed information as to why your payment was refused. We invite you to contact us after in the event that the bank is unable to provide you with a sufficient answ

      When is payment of a pre-order due?

      As for a traditional order, payment is due at the moment the order is validated.

      Can I place an order without registering?

      Yes, you can place an order without registering.

      Is my personal information kept private?

      We guarantee that the information that you provide us will remain confidential.

      Will TATUSINKA have seasonal sales?

      Tatusinka does participate in seasonal wear sales. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter by clicking here in order to stay up-to-date with the latest discounts and many more news.


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