Calvin Klein


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Calvin Klein started his self-titled company in 1968 with company Chairman Barry Schwartz. He began designing coats and later ventured into sportswear. Introduced in 1980, Calvin Klein jeans helped lead the company to success during the designer blue jeans craze. His unique designs were appealing to the population at large and brought in a substantial profit. It was during the early 1980s that the company made the decision to adopt a form of advertising that would really grab the attention of consumers. Klein hired Richard Avedon to head up the campaign, and it was he who filmed the famous television ads featuring Brooke Shields. Klein continued to utilize provocative advertising since it generated a tremendous amount of revenue. During the late 1980s, the company released several ads for its Obsession perfume as well as for Calvin Klein’s underwear line. The ads were pretentious and erotic but were always discussed among consumers and store buyers. Klein usually disregarded attacks by those who disagreed with the ads because it was these displays that turned Calvin Klein into a household name.